PT NICHOLAS LABORATORIES INDONESIA is one of Indonesia’s best-regarded manufacturers of ethical medication. It also manufactures “Naspro”, then well-known analgesic.
NICHOLAS traces its beginning in 1948 when a local company packed and distributed domestically “Aspro” analgesic manufactured by Nicholas Pty. Ltd. in Australia.
In 1951, Nicholas Pty. Ltd. began manufacturing one of its best-known products “Aspro” at its new factory in Jakarta. From 1958 onward, “Aspro” has been marketed in Indonesia as “Naspro”.
Between 1963 and 1968, the company engaged in contract manufacturing for Pfizer of the United States. In 1971, the company entered into a production and marketing agreement with Parke Davis & Co. of the United States. This arrangement continued until 1975, at which time the Indonesian company – now renamed PT Nicholas Laboratories Indonesia-formed a joint venture with an Indonesian partner.
As the result of the 1982 merger of Nicholas Pty. Ltd. and Kiwi Australia, PT Nicholas Laboratories Indonesia and PT Kiwi Indonesia began to be managed under the same corporate umbrella. When the Sara Lee Corporation of the United States was merged into the same international organization in 1985, PT Nicholas Laboratories Indonesia came under a general management structure that also included PT Prodenta. During these years, other strategic licensing agreements were signed for the production of “Piptal”, “Neo Mercazole”, “Vascardin” and “Polycroll”.

In 1989, all of the shares of Nicholas Pty. Ltd. of Australia were sold to PT Kebayoran Pharma, an Indonesian company. Thus, PT Nicholas Laboratories Indonesia achieved domestic investment status and became part of the Kebayoran Pharma Group.

Kebayoran Pharma main business is a national distribution company and up till now has 30 branches throughout Indonesia. Further more, the group own several company, such as:
PT Global Multi Pharmalab (GMP) (Pharmaceutical manufacture), PT Uniflex Kemasindah (Packaging & shrink labeling manufacture), PT Prada Persada Sakti (Paint factory manufacture), PT Handayani Prima (Food & restaurant business).

In 1991, PT Nicholas Laboratories Indonesia relocated its manufacturing operations to a new factory in Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung. All production now takes place within this complex, which meets strict internationally recognized CGMP standards. Since then, the range of ethical products manufactured and marketed by PT Nicholas Laboratories Indonesia has increased considerably.